Orange County Sober Living Homes FAQ

Are gender-specific homes available?

Yes, all properties and units at The Lodges are gender specific.

What are the qualifications for living at the Lodges? Do I need to complete a treatment program prior?

No, you do not need to complete a treatment program. The only requirements for living at the Lodges are remaining sober and the commitment to sobriety.

How do I get into a sober living home?

Call The Lodges admissions line at 866-610-4480 or visit our website at www.ocsoberliving.com

Can I have a job and vehicle while staying at The Lodges?

Yes, a requirement of living at The Lodges Orange County sober living homes is to either be attending an outpatient program, working, going to school, or volunteering. All of our sober living homes feature abundant parking.

Does the Lodges provide residents with counseling?

The Lodges staff can provide appropriate referrals to qualified counselors.

Will I be drug tested?

Yes, Lodges provides random urinalysis testing to hold guests accountable and to ensure they are free from any non-prescribed substances.

Is The Lodges an addiction treatment center?

No, The Lodges is an Orange County sober living home that provides safe, structured sober living homes for individuals in recovery.

However, The Lodges can provide referrals for drug and alcohol rehabs nearby that can provide clients with additional care.

Will there be employment opportunities near my sober living home?

Yes, our Orange County sober living homes are located in highly populated metropolitan areas in Orange County with plenty of employment opportunities.

Many may even be within walking distance of the sober living home. Our sober living homes are conveniettly located near the 405, 55, and 73 freeways.

Do I have to go to detox or rehab before I enroll?

No, the only requirement for enrolling at The Lodges is remaining sober while living in the facilities and the commitment to sobriety.

How long do I have to be sober to move in?

There is no pre-required amount of time a guest must be sober to enter our Orange County sober living homes, as long as you are dedicated to sobriety while residing at The Lodges.

What rules do I have to follow?

Follow the sober living guidelines which include but are not limited to; curfew, chores, and remaining active in your recovery. This may include attending an outpatient program, working, going to school, or volunteering.

Can I stay away from the house overnight?

Yes, passes may be granted to guests on a case-by-case basis.

Can I bring my electronics (cellphone, laptop, tablet) ?

Yes, The Lodges allows electronics including cell phones, laptops, and tablets. Guests will also have access to high-speed wireless internet while residing at the Lodges.

Can I bring my pet with me?

Yes, The Lodges is a pet-friendly sober living home and encourages guests to bring their pets along.

Does The Lodges provide meals to residents?

As part of sober living, guests are responsible for their own meal preparation and food shopping. However, transportation to and from grocery stores may be provided on a case-by-case basis. The Lodges provides all cooking utensils and appliances needed to prepare those meals.

What if I relapse?

Guests who relapse will be provided referrals to community detoxification facilities for stabilization before returning to the sober living homes.

Is laundry included at The Lodges?

Each property comes with a washer and dryer on site.

What is there to do in Orange County?

Orange County offers a great opportunity for someone in recovery who is looking to transition back into everyday life. It’s close distance to Los Angeles and to many other attractions makes it full of activities.