Sober Living

Orange County Sober Living

What is a sober living home?

A sober living home is a housing option provided to those in recovery or those transitioning from primary care back into society. With helpful staff and peers, a sober living home can assist those struggling with addiction by preventing relapse and encouraging long-term positive behavior.

A sober living home will provide individuals with a drug and alcohol-free living space to help ease them back into the structure of society. Individuals will have the opportunity to develop positive habits, relationships, and skills in a monitored environment. Sober living homes can make the transition from primary care to society an easier and less frightening process for those in recovery.

The community of The Lodges is focused on the present and excited for the future. Our sober living homes are focused on long-term recovery that creates a lifestyle to take outside of our homes. Our support staff is guest-centered and fosters the development of healthy recovery bonds that are essential for long-term success.

Is a sober living home right for me?

A sober living home can offer many benefits. It can be easy for individuals in recovery to slip back into bad habits before learning the skills required for maintaining a long-term sober lifestyle.

Adjusting back to regular life in society can be a difficult transition for individuals, and sober living homes can help ease this transition for those in recovery. Orange County sober living presents a safe and supportive platform for individuals trying to adapt back into day-to-day life.

Sober living homes can be an excellent option for someone coming out of treatment, as it can help assist them in developing good habits in a natural setting. Living in these sober communities can assist recovering individuals in taking the skills learned from treatment and integrating them into everyday life.

With the help of supportive staff and the development of long-lasting relationships among peers, sober living homes and sober living environments can help guide individuals from their old life of bad behaviors to a fresh start.