A Guide to Dealing with Free Time in Early Sobriety

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Drugs and alcohol typically consumed every facet of our lives when we were actively using, leaving us little time for anything else. Once we reach early sobriety, we are often times left with a void of free time in the wake of ending our addiction.

Not only is too much free time a bad thing in early sobriety; it is wasting one of the greatest gifts of sobriety: the opportunity to finally live life to the fullest. Here we take a look at just some of the countless ways to fill up free time in early sobriety.


Early sobriety is the perfect time to either pick up a new hobby, or resume an old one that we may have neglected in our addiction.

90 in 90

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A 90-in-90 refers to going to 90 recovery meetings in 90 days. This not only will help fill up our free time in early sobriety, but it will often times open the doors to meeting new people and hearing about new things to do in recovery to fill up our time.

Back to School

Early sobriety is a great time to either go back to school if we have no finished, or to try it out if we never have before. Starting off slow with one or two classes is an excellent way to take up some of the lingering free time we may have in early sobriety

Service Work

Service work in recovery means taking up any of the countless volunteer opportunities that exist within the different recovery fellowships. These include things such as making coffee, various meeting commitments, volunteering at conventions, and many other opportunities that can help kill some of our free time.



As we enter early sobriety, we usually start feeling better physically than we have in many years quite quickly. An excellent way to capitalize on feeling physically better while killing free time in early sobriety is to join a gym and start an exercising routine.

Sports Leagues

Early sobriety is a great time to join a sports league, such as a softball league, hockey league, etc. Sober sports leagues are actually very common in many areas as well, and would be a great way to kill free time in early sobriety.

Sober Trips

Our addictions usually chained us to a single location, not allowing us to go on any sort of trips or vacations. Early sobriety is the perfect time to plan trips with our support group and friends to do the things we always neglected during our addictions.


Finding a part time job is another excellent way to pass the time in early sobriety. The added responsibility to our lives during this period is always a beneficial thing to our sobriety as well.

Final Note

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