Finding a Job in Early Sobriety

A job search site looks to help those in recovery find new jobs

While it may seem to the newcomer that the point of recovery is simply to get sober, the reality is that this is just the beginning. The true goal of recovery is to give us the freedom to live our lives to the fullest extent, free of the bondage that drugs and alcohol once were for us.

An important early step in recovery is thus finding a job. While most of us held countless jobs prior to recovery, finding employment in early sobriety is often times a scary prospect.

Here we break down some tips for finding a job in early sobriety.

Asking around the fellowship/our support group first

Often times we do not have to look far for employment- many times we will be able to track down a job in recovery by asking around the fellowship, our support group, or any alumni programs we may belong to.

A woman searches through job boards to find a new job in sobirety

This also has the added benefit of getting to work with people who are also in recovery, and who either are going through the same things we are or have already been through them. Thus, a great place to start looking for a job is within the fellowship.

Employment apps and websites

Fortunately for us job seekers, thanks to technology it has never been easier to enter the job market. Employers are more and more using various employment apps and websites that can help find you a nearby job that is suitable.


This is particularly useful for those of us in early sobriety that may be limited in our job search by things such as lack of transportation.

Don’t let our ego get in the way

It can often times be very tempting in early sobriety to try and get our lives back to where we were at one point much faster than we can actually accomplish. The reality is this is usually unrealistic and can even be dangerous for us in recovery.

We must sometimes set aside our ego in early sobriety and take the best job available to us, regardless of whether we feel we “deserve” something better or what our past employment may have been. We must always remember that early sobriety is merely the stepping-stone to a life beyond our wildest dreams in ways we cannot yet imagine.

Don’t be afraid to ask your support group for help

Early sobriety can often times mean being nervous and fearful about things that we once were not, or that others may see as normal parts of life. Feeling nervous about finding our first job in sobriety is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about, and completely normal.

Thus, do not be afraid to ask your support group for advice, or just to talk about it. We can also build our confidence by doing mock interviews with our friends to remove some of the fear we may have about finding a job.

Find something you will be comfortable doing

While finding a job is often times an important part of early recovery, nothing is more important than our sobriety. Therefore, it is important that the job in which we find is one that we will feel comfortable doing and will not be harmful for our sobriety.

We cannot reasonably expect to find a potential employer that will be totally free of stress and being uncomfortable. However, that does not mean we shouldn’t avoid ones that will obviously be uncomfortable for us. This includes jobs such as working in a bar, as a pharmacy tech, etc.

Final Note

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