Time Management and Early Sobriety

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Our addiction typically consumed every facet of our lives when we were actively using. As our disease progressed, we essentially lived to use and used to live.

Once we achieved sobriety, we often found ourselves quite baffled with the amount of free time we had. It can be quite difficult in early sobriety to manage our time amongst the program, our employment, school, free time, etc.

Here we take a look at time management in early sobriety.

Set a Recovery Program That Works for You

Incorporating a recovery program into our lives can certainly be intimidating at first. The reality is, the large majority of recovery and outpatient programs are designed to be flexible to accommodate busy schedules.

Recovery meetings are typically held morning, noon, or night; making setting a meeting schedule quite easy. Many outpatient programs are available after normal work hours to help accommodate work schedules.

Setting a recovery routine that fits around our work schedules is crucial for time management in early sobriety.

Too Much Free Time Can Be Dangerous

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While we certainly do not want to take on more than we can handle in early sobriety, having too much free time is not a good thing either. Too much free time is frequently cited as a major trigger for those of us in early sobriety.

While leaving ourselves some free time to relax and get refreshed is certainly fine, we should try to manage our time in early sobriety to not have too much of it.

Be Realistic

Once we finally achieve sobriety, it can be awfully tempting for us to try and put our lives back together as fast as possible. While it is very important for us to have goals, we must make sure our short-term goals are realistic.


For example, starting or returning to school is an excellent idea for early sobriety in a lot of cases – but it usually would be wise to only take one or two classes to start. Taking a full load of courses along with adjusting to our new recovery program can often times be unrealistic for those of us in early sobriety.

Always Leave Time For Fun

Early sobriety can often times be a difficult period for us as we deal with the wreckage of our past. It is crucial though that we leave ourselves time for fun.

The point of recovery is not just to simply get sober – it is to actually live our lives happily and to the fullest extent possible. So it is crucial in early sobriety to always leave time for hobbies, trips, and fun.

First Thing’s First

The most important thing to remember when managing time in early sobriety is that our recovery must always come first. Time and time again, those who came before us in the program have demonstrated that anything we put before the program, we will ultimately lose.

The reality is, we can only live our lives to the fullest if we are clean and sober- and to be clean and sober, we must always put our recovery first.

Final Note

The Lodges is the premier Orange County sober living and structured living community for men and women who are either in the early stages of recovery or transitioning from primary care.

We understand the need for a structured and safe environment for individuals who need the added encouragement on their journey. If you or a loved one is seeking sober living in beautiful Orange County please call us at (866)-610-4480 or visit us online.

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