Top Unwritten Benefits of Recovery

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The greatest promise that a life in recovery delivers for us is that we will no longer have to hurt from alcoholism and/or addiction ever again. This is only one, however, of the countless benefits that come from a life in sobriety.

Many of us will attest that some of the greatest benefits that have come from recovery were ones we never foresaw coming. Here we take a look at just a few of the top unwritten benefits of a life in recovery.

Police Sirens

The thought of police sirens in our rear view mirrors, or coming upon a DUI checkpoint, use to terrify us. Today, when either of these occurs, we do not have to feel any fear.

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Be of Service to Others

In our addictions, we were not even able to take care of ourselves – let alone anyone else. A life in recovery means we can truly be of service to others. This includes not just other people in recovery, but of our loved ones and complete strangers.

Being Able to Sleep at Night in Peace

The amount of worrying, guilt, shame, and other emotions constantly plagued us during our addiction. In recovery, we are finally freed from these types of emotions constantly controlling us. We can finally sleep at night without the tremendous burden of these emotions keeping us up.


No Longer Hurt Family

A lot of times we justified our addictions to ourselves by the false notion that “we are only hurting ourselves”. This is entirely untrue. A life in recovery means our loved ones will no longer have sleepless nights over us.

Freedom to Pursue Hobbies

Addiction and alcoholism consume every single aspect of our lives, leaving very little time for anything else. Recovery gives us the freedom to pick up our old hobbies we may have lost during our addiction, or pursue new ones.


Addiction and alcoholism typically wreak havoc on our health. We are often times amazed how fast our bodies our able to recover, however, once we are in a life of recovery.


Addiction and alcoholism destroys our finances and with enough time will always lead to financial ruin. While recovery does not mean you are going to hit the lottery, it does mean you do not have to worry about coming up with money every single day for the next fix.

No Longer Hide in Public

Many of us can relate to being afraid of running into people we known in public during our addiction. Once we put that lifestyle behind us and enter a life in recovery, we no longer have to hide our head in public.

Sense of Purpose in the World

Sobriety gives us a true sense of purpose in the world. We can be here to help other alcoholics and addicts find a life of recovery.

Have a Place to Go

We are lucky in recovery. No matter what happens during our day, good or bad, we have a place to go where we can talk about it with other like-minded people. Many of us become grateful for having the rooms of recovery to retreat to, rather than resentful that we “need” to attend meetings.

Final Note

The Lodges is the premier Orange County sober living and structured living community for men and women who are either in the early stages of recovery or transitioning from primary care.

We understand the need for a structured and safe environment for individuals who need the added encouragement on their journey. If you or a loved one is seeking sober living in beautiful Orange County please call us at (866)-610-4480 or visit us online.

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